četrtek, 17. december 2015

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Make your dream come true: become Nasa's astronaut
What child hasn't dreamed of becoming an astronaut? Now, you can. NASA is accepting applications for a new class of astronauts.

sreda, 16. december 2015

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Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell: Wise Old Fart
Perhaps Hyundai is not known for its alternative power cars, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Proof of this is the ix35 Fuel Cell model, which they began to develop in earnest back at the turn of the millennium, and which they can proudly...
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Erika Mayr, the bee whisperer: "Urban honey comes with a very special aroma and flavor"
In Berlin, buildings need not be associated with politics to be created with careful consideration for the environment. The most obvious way is to revive rooftops with increasingly popular urban beekeeping.
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Shopping with Lenny Kravitz at 1stdibs
Rockstar Lenny Kravitz, who has been rocking in design  business since 2003, when he opened his company Kravitz Design, has got something new to show you.

torek, 15. december 2015

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Positive electric mobility experience from COP21
For the summit on environmental changes COP21 that just ended in Paris Renault Nissan alliance provided the fleet of electric cars which turned out very successfull.
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Jaguar returns to global motor sport
Jaguar has announced its return to global motorsport.
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Awarded Lightspeed's new office in Montreal
Lightspeed, Montreal eCommerce juggernaut, has shared honours for a major design award with ACDF Architecture which designed amazing Lightspeed's new headquarters at the Gare Viger building in Montreal's downtown Ville-Marie borough.
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Fast Off Road Electric Scooter 2015 Review
Electric scooters are getting popular among kids and adult. Apart from giving a sensational ride for kids, electric scooters are also favored because they are environment-friendly. But how can you make sure which scooter is better than others?

ponedeljek, 14. december 2015

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Electric bikes: we tested KTM Freeride E-XC and Freeride E-SX
The story itself is an old one, since the project started way back in 2007, when a small company (developing electromotors) was given the task to create an electric enduro bike based on EXC 250.
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Hate tiny airliner windows? Not anymore, here is SkyDeck
Windspeed's SkyDeck puts luxury seats on top of a plane.
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Formula E welcomes ‘the Paris Outcome’
The historic 'Paris Outcome' agreement signed by almost 200 countries last week in France, has been applauded by the FIA Formula E Championship.
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Ford investing in the future of its electric vehicles
Ford recently announced its plans to invest additional $4.5 billion in electrified vehicle technologies.

nedelja, 13. december 2015

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Creating safe, green batteries with the help of... salt
Combined efforts from the scientists at the University of Maryland and the US Army Research Laboratory have resulted in a groundbreaking new technology – the "Water-in-Salt" aqueous Lithium ion batteries!

sobota, 12. december 2015

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Micro house? Nomadic tent? No, it's a water bed!
Royal College of Art (RCA) graduate Daniel Durnin created Water Bed, a minimalist mobile shelter.
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One of the most amazing cosplays we've ever seen!
An extremely gifted cosplayer Leo (if you do a little search on Facebook, 'Elmins Cosplay' is his profile name) created a truly majestic cosplay - Aether Wing Kayle from League of Legends, which is motorized to raise feathers and rotate wings,...

petek, 11. december 2015

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Solartab launches "Ocean Blue" edition
Solartab, the premium portable solar charger for phones and tablets, comes with an innovative built-in cover.
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No new petrol-powered cars by 2050
Eight U.S. states and five other countries around the globe plan to end new sales of petrol-powered cars by the year 2050.
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Gibraltar is getting a wave power station
Gibraltar developed its own renewable energy plan and employed Eco Wave Power to install a 5-megawatt wave energy power station that will capture energy produced by the ocean surface waves in the Mediterranean.
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Citroën E-Mehari - Mehari's electric reincarnation
Citroën has introduced E-Mehari, a modern electrified version of an icon from its past - the Citroën Mehari from 1968. This electric car featuring an attractively simple design will begin selling next year.

četrtek, 10. december 2015

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Sleeping with the fishes
World's first fully self-contained affordable mini-luxury underwater hotel.